What Is PPC Advertising?

What Is PPC Advertising?

What is PPC Advertising?

If you’ve been reading our blog, you may have noticed that we’ve already covered topics such as why PPC is important, and how PPC can be used alongside SEO to drive improved results. But we might be getting ahead of ourselves a little. 

Over the past two years, more and more businesses have turned to digital marketing… whether they were ready to or not. So, we’re going to take a moment to head back to the beginning, and answer some of the biggest PPC questions:

What is PPC advertising?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: businesses create ads through a channel such as Google and pay a fee every time that ad is clicked. 

When building a PPC campaign, businesses will need to supply targeted keywords, and decide what method will be used to match those words with user searches. 

When a match occurs – when a user searches for a term that can be linked to the target keyword – the PPC ad is displayed in the search results for users to click on. 

How is PPC different from SEO?

PPC is a paid form of search engine optimisation, or SEO. What most businesses mean when they ask this question is ‘how is PPC different from organic search?’. 

Organic SEO is the method we normally think of when we hear ‘SEO’; adding keywords into web content so algorithms can display pages for relevant searches. 

There are two big differences between how PPC and organic SEO works: where the results are displayed in the SERPS, and the cost of using these different techniques. 

Where do PPC ads show up?

PPC ads show up on the search engine results pages alongside organic results. However, regardless of ranking, a PPC ad will always show above organic results. 

This means even if your organic ranking for a particular keyword is low, you can enjoy the benefits of a more prominent position by paying for a PPC campaigns. 

How much does PPC advertising cost?

The cost of PPC varies considerably depending on the competitiveness of the target keyword. Businesses do have quite a bit of control here, being able to adjust bidding as needed, so PPC can be a very accessible entry point for paid digital advertising. 

Across all industries, it’s reported that the average cost per click – the average amount that businesses pay when a user clicks on an ad – is $2.69. However, this does vary across sectors, with consumer goods and legal typically paying the most. 

Who should use PPC advertising?

If you’re a new business or a smaller business that’s struggling to get seen amongst the ‘big guys’, PPC can be an excellent way to improve visibility in the SERPs. Organic SEO is great, sure, but even with the best strategy, it’s challenging for smaller organisations to maintain a consistently high rank when the competition from more established, more well-known names is fierce. With PPC, that’s not a worry. 

PPC ensures that you’re seen, no matter what your organic rank. It’s a method that delivers quick wins in return for a fee and is great for getting started in digital.

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