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Transforming a Leading Online Healthcare Emporium

Client Overview: Empowering Everyday Health

Catering to the healthcare sector, our client operates an online haven offering products integral to our daily lives. Their user-friendly platform extends solutions for everyday healthcare needs, alleviating the burden of prolonged GP or hospital waits.

Challenge: Revitalising the Digital Landscape

Tasked with rejuvenating their digital strategy, our objective was clear: target the right audience while preserving profitability from paid advertising campaigns.

Our Strategy: Precision and Profitability

Our digital intervention brought a new dawn. Employing industry best practices, we meticulously optimised an array of campaigns. Strategic tweaks curbed superfluous spending, nurturing crucial metrics. Elevating Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) was paramount, forging superior profitability and elevating our client’s business trajectory.

Results: Reinvigoration and ROI

Our efforts bore rich fruit, breathing new life into the client’s PPC realm. The outcome? A robust digital profile poised for success, all while meticulously adhering to Google’s stringent healthcare advertising directives. The result: an empowered healthcare brand ready to thrive in the digital age.

YoY Ad Spend Scale
YoY ROAS Increase
Overall Revenue Increase
YoY Average Order Value

The Brief

When our client sought our expertise, their pre-existing PPC account was mired in needless spending and operational chaos. Tasked with orchestrating a complete overhaul, our mission stood clear: untangle the mess and orchestrate peak performance.

A meticulous audit unveiled inefficiencies plaguing the account. We were resolute in our strategy: align it with industry best standards, eradicate redundancies, and pave a streamlined path to triumph. Our precision restructuring breathed new life, ensuring clarity and purpose.

The narrative underwent a transformation. Wasteful expenditure gave way to strategic optimisation. The result? A recalibrated campaign primed for expansion and accomplishment. Our expertise acted as the catalyst, ushering the PPC account towards a high-performance trajectory. The outcome was tangible – robust growth and exceptional results for our client, etching a success story that stands out.

Project Highlights


The challenge was two-fold: sustain profitability while ambitiously scaling the account and incorporating new product lines.

Our Strategy

Our solution? Methodical spend filtering and strategic campaign segmentation based on profit margins. This laid the foundation for astute algorithmic bidding.

The Results

The narrative evolved significantly – from consistent monthly losses to thriving profitability, seamless scalability, and the continual introduction of fresh product categories.

What We Learnt

Our journey illuminated the significance of e-commerce account profitability. A data-driven structure emerged as pivotal for sustained success. This experience underscored the essence of balancing growth aspirations with the sanctity of profitability.

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