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Our client is a leading real estate agency based in Europe, specialising in the sale of properties and bridging the gap between buyers and sellers. Over a span of three years, they witnessed exponential growth, evolving from a solitary office to an impressive network of 13 branches. Their core aim is to offer unparalleled service and ensure smooth real estate transactions for their clientele.

They approached our agency with the ambition of bolstering their digital marketing footprint through PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). The objective was to amplify lead generation and sustain a robust online presence in tandem with their corporate goals.

To align with the client’s aspirations, we crafted a potent PPC campaign bespoke to their real estate operations. By deploying astute targeting and persuasive ad content, we augmented their visibility on pertinent platforms. Rigorous keyword analysis and ongoing refinements ensured their advertisements resonated with the intended audience, leading to a marked uptick in high-quality leads. This initiative swiftly gained momentum, spurring conversions and playing a pivotal role in the client’s overarching accomplishments.

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The Brief

The aim of the digital marketing campaign for the real estate agency was to underpin their ambitious expansion objectives by devising a strategy in line with industry best standards. The central emphasis was to reduce the Cost Per Lead, whilst concurrently boosting conversions and realising standout results over a 5-year timeframe.

Project Highlights


Advertising in a European market is quite different to the UK market, so we had to make sure our strategy was bang on to suit local audiences.

Our Strategy

We used advanced audience targeting, and continuously reviewed the quality of traffic to help filter out irrelevance and improve overall efficiency.

The Results

The client started with 1 office, and have now scaled up their business to over 10-offices, and deal with a large amount of buyers and sellers on a daily basis. The plan now is to keep pushing and scaling.

What We Learnt

Accurate Conversion Tracking was essential so we could record the success of the campaign and leverage the data we had to take advantage of any advertising trends, which ultimately helped us to scale.

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