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Large Private Medical Clinic

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A private medical clinic, offering a comprehensive range of services to the public, sought our assistance given their reputation as a trusted healthcare provider. They aimed to amplify their online presence and engage a broader audience. Drawing on our digital marketing expertise, we devised a bespoke strategy to boost their online visibility, stimulate engagement, and ultimately surge the number of appointments.

Through pinpointed PPC campaigns, we captured the interest of potential patients, highlighting the clinic’s prowess and distinctive services. We enabled our client to flourish in a competitive arena, broaden their patient base, and cement their stature as a top-tier private medical clinic.

When we assumed responsibility for the account, they had no online visibility and were novices in the industry, all set against the backdrop of the challenging COVID-19 milieu. We were entrusted with the mission to help them find their footing.

Fast forwarding a few years, we’ve established a robust Google Ads funnel encompassing over 20 campaigns and have escalated expenditure from mere thousands to six figures annually. This level of growth has facilitated our esteemed client in launching new services and perpetually broadening their business horizon.

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The Brief

Our client, a business with no online footprint, presented us with the significant challenge of initiating and amplifying their operations. Leveraging our digital marketing expertise, we crafted a meticulous strategy to anchor their brand and stimulate swift expansion. Via precise PPC campaigns, we heightened their online visibility, captivating their target audience and generating instant momentum. Harnessing our collective know-how, we successfully marked their presence in the digital realm and expedited their operational growth. Through our unwavering commitment, we accelerated their ascent and cemented their status as a dominant entity in their sector

Project Highlights


Starting from scratch is arguably the hardest thing to do particularly in a challenging competitive industry. We had to ensure that we failed fast and devised the best strategy as quickly as possible.

Our Strategy

Ensuring that our adverts showed up at the right time in the right place for the right terms. We then devised a phenomenal audience list set-up to ensure we maximized both new and repeat business.

The Results

If 0 to 100 was a thing, this is a prime example of it. Usually when a client scales up their campaigns, it’s because things are going well!

What We Learnt

Understanding varying services in the medical industry and ensuring we leveraged a data driven approach to ensure our advertising efforts corresponded into the most revenue generated for the client.

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