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Empowering positive change in people’s lives through exemplary Family and Care law services funded by Legal Aid is our client’s forte. They offer adept professional support to tackle even the most intricate family and care disputes in England & Wales.

Operating from approximately 20 UK offices, our mission was clear: maintain lead volumes in alignment with company objectives.

Our solution was a dynamic, high-impact PPC campaign for this law firm client. The outcome? Immediate traction and a stream of high-quality leads. By finely honing targeting strategies and crafting compelling ad copy, we ensured maximum visibility and successful conversions.

But that’s not all. Our strategic synergy extended to SEO, elevating organic rankings and ensuring perpetual visibility for sustained growth. The amalgamation of PPC and SEO catapulted our client to the forefront of the digital realm. The result? A commanding online presence, impressive results, and the coveted status of digital dominator.

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The Brief

Amid ambitions of expansive growth and service diversification, one of the UK’s prominent legal firms turned to Rank Marketing. Their challenge: Develop a strategy that mirrored industry best practices, seamlessly slashing their Cost Per Lead while elevating Conversions. The results? Exceptional, surpassing projected milestones over a 5-year timeline. This resounding success lays the groundwork for achieving and exceeding targets, culminating in a record-breaking financial year. The future looks brighter than ever, as growth defies expectations!

Project Highlights


Inheriting an aged account called for a complete overhaul to align with industry best practices. Our mission extended further – securing leads exclusively for Legal Aid and specific legal domains.

Our Strategy

Our arsenal? Extensive keyword research, meticulous exclusion criteria, and a laser focus on custom audiences. This orchestration ensured each ad Impression achieved the pinnacle of efficiency.

The Results

Remarkably, our efforts propelled the client from loss to profit across their PPC endeavors. Their account blossomed, eventually scaling to a monthly five-figure expenditure.

What We Learnt

Our journey unveiled invaluable insights. Rigorous research and relentless experimentation birthed the ideal strategy. Above all, a data-driven approach fueled the account’s expansion, guiding it towards unprecedented growth.

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