Performance Max Advertising Campaigns

Performance Max Advertising Campaigns

The New Performance Max Campaigns:

What Are They, And How Do They Work?

Google’s network is huge. But when you launch a PPC campaign through Google Ads, you’re tapping into just a tiny subset of that network: the search network. 

To be fair, until now that hasn’t really been a bad thing. Advertisers have seen impressive results using Google Ads for PPC advertising. But today, we need more. Advertisers need to be able to extend their reach beyond the confines of search to build a presence across more of the web. And they need an easy way to do it. 

Google knows this. Which is why, in 2021, the search engine giant rolled out its new Performance Max Campaigns to all Google Ads users, supporting brand growth not only through SERPs-level advertising, but across multiple Google-owned channels. 

What are Performance Max Campaigns?

Performance Max Campaigns are a form of Google advertising that makes it easy to reach potential customers not only through the search engines results pages, but across the Google network, including the display network, YouTube, Maps, Gmail, and more. And the highlight is that you can do all this with just a single campaign. 

By setting up just one campaign and setting your campaign goals, Google will do the rest of the work, automating a number of factors to generate the best results.

Performance Max Campaigns automatically adjust the following parameters:

  • Budget
  • Bidding
  • Language
  • Location
  • Ad scheduling
  • Landing page URL direction

How do Performance Max Campaigns Work?

When creating a PPC campaign, advertisers will have the option to select a Performance Max Campaign if they set their goal as either ‘sales’, ‘leads’, ‘website traffic’, or local store visits’, with the system automatically adjusting parameters and implementing features and functions as needed to align efforts with these goals.

Here’s a closer look at how Performance Max Campaigns work for each goal type:

  • Sales

By closely tracking and monitoring behaviours and interactions with ads through Google Insights, Performance Max Campaigns automatically adjust campaign settings in real time to utilise the approach and location generating the most sales. 

  • Leads

Performance Max Campaigns look at user intent and context to automatically display ads in the right place, at the right time, to engage with audiences that are statistically most likely to be interested in the brand to improve the quality of leads. 

  • Traffic

Boosting traffic means engaging with audiences in their ‘micro moment’; that window of opportunity where they’re open to learning about a new brand. Performance Max Campaigns do this by optimising bids and budget to drive traffic. 

  • Local Visits

For ecommerce retailers with a physical presence, Performance Max Campaigns combine a localised inventory into channels such as Search and Maps to engage with ‘shop local’ customers and create consistency in online/offline experiences. 

Why Use Performance Max Campaigns

It’s about doing more with less… which is something we could all do with right now!

Performance Max Campaigns are the first ever ad campaigns to be fully automated, reducing the need for manual input. And not only that, but you only need to create one – ONE – campaign and Google will display it across its network, wherever and whenever it sees fit to help you reach your goals. Sounds good, right?

The big question, though, is ‘does it work?’. And the answer appears to be ‘yes’. While this campaign type is still in its early days, Google claims that advertisers can see a 13% increase in conversions on average, without much of a cost increase. 


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